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re clinker 28 day strength?

thanks ted it is really very help ful   kind regards raju verma

clinker 28 day strength?

Dear all   please share   waht is the main bullet points which is impact the clinker 28 day strength i...

CaSO4 regular testing in lab and lab ball mill design?

dear all below I want to discuss two very common  practices use by the cement plant for testing, but still we h...

re Sox and Nox generation and solution?

thanks ted.   any body have some opinion most welcome     regards raju verma

re Diffrence Between XRF & XRD or chemical analysis

many thanks ted it's clear.   regards raju verma

Cement additives

Dear Experts Cement additives is being used by the cement plants to improve productivity as well as improvement...

re duda cement book

can you please send me this soft copy on raju.verma@acclimited.com

role of iron and alumina in liquid phase?

dear all   can you please share your openion on  what is the actual role of alumina and iron ( as a flux ...

Sox and Nox generation and solution?

Dear All   As mention in subjected topic can give your point regarding following questions 1.) Main reaso...

VRM key Levers

Dear All   Can you share  what is the key levers in VRM for 1.)Output increase  2.) For optimum uti...