Raju Verma
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TimePosted 10/06/2013 10:51:40

Cement additives

Dear Experts

Cement additives is being used by the cement plants to improve productivity as well as improvement in cement and concrete quality. 

Can you please clarify or give any literature link to understand followings

1. Working principles of grinding aids

2. Working principles of accelerator and superplasticiser as water cement reducer.

3. Selection methodology of differenet grinding aids and strength improver for different types of cement like slag cement , fly ash based cement and OPC cement.

4. Concept for use of different combination of additives, strength improver , water cement reducer etc.


Tushar Ghorai



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TimePosted 15/06/2013 22:53:47
123red says

re Cement additives

Your question addresses different areas of technology: (1) cement milling, and (2) concrete admixtures (an important topic for users of cement and those who need to appreciate their problems, and one for which a selection of books are available). Grinding aids historically achieve exactly what their name suggests, and the most appropriate cost-effective chemical formulations may be different when different materials are being ground. "Quality improvers" for cement have become economically interesting during the past decade or two. When using such mill additives it is important to recognise what reactions they are influencing: for example, if it's the early-age hyrdration of C3A, then the dosage most likely should be based upon the proportion of clinker in a composite cement grind, rather than the total solid througput.