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Argos sees net income grow to US$22m in 1H19

13 August 2019, Published under Cement News

Argos has announced that the company's net income grew by 33.5 per cent to US$22m in 1H19. Argos revenues also expanded by 10.6 per cent to US$1.419m, while EBITDA registered an increase of four per cent to total US$262.4m. Cement shipments were just under 8Mt, 1.2 per cent higher than in 1H18 and concrete dispatched were 5Mm 3 , down 2.5 per cent in 1H18 due to heavy rainfall in some parts of the USA. The company also sold its stake in OMYA Andina and Cartón de Colombia in 2Q19 to ra...

Dangote Cement's group revenues slip 3% in 1H19

31 July 2019, Published under Cement News

Dangote Cement Plc announced its unaudited results for 1H19 with group revenue reaching NGN467.7bn (US$1.291bn), down three per cent, and group EBITDA at NGN217.9bn, down 11.4 per cent. Nigerian EBITDA for Dangote Cement fell 11.6 per cent to NGN200.6bn and pan-African EBITDA slipped to NGN23.9bn, down 7.5 per cent. Net debt stood at NGN318.6bn. Group cement sales totalled 12.28Mt in 1H19, while domestic cement sales volumes reached 7.59Mt in 1H19. Nigerian revenues stood at NGN328.3m in...

Cementir Holding announces 1H19 revenues of EUR591.9m

30 July 2019, Published under Cement News

Cementir Holding has released its results for 1H19. Revenues rose to EUR591.9m up from EUR588.5m in 1H18, while EBITDA stood at EUR110.1m, up 14 per cent compared to EUR96m in 1H18. Group net profit reached EUR27.3m compared to EUR96m in 1H18, while net financial debt fell to EUR399.1m from EUR416m at 31 March 2019. Regional cement and clinker results 1H19 Grey and white cement sales reached 4.321Mt in 1H19, down -12.2 per cent from 4.921Mt in 1H18. Cementir stated that the negative perf...