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Cement-free mineral foams for 3D printing

05 December 2023, Published under Cement News

ETH Zurich has launched a project known as Airlements, which pioneers the use of cement-free mineral foams derived from recycled industrial waste, including fly ash from industrial blastfurnaces, to produce 3D printed building components. Spearheaded by doctoral researcher Patrick Bedarf from Professor Benjamin Dillenburger’s Digital Building Technologies group, the technology promises to reduce heating and cooling costs and to revolutionise the efficiency of construction material usage. ...

Swiss team draws on archives to develop low-carbon binders

01 December 2023, Published under Cement News

A team of experts from EPFL (Switzerland), ETH Zurich and a Geneva-based architecture firm has developed a new type of non-reinforced concrete made from stone offcuts. Their method, known as ‘Cyclopean’, draws on ancient technologies uncovered in historical archives to reduce the use of carbon-intensive cement-based binders.  In October this year, the team built six load-bearing walls in Lucery-Villars, Switzerland, using recovered stone-quarry waste and fieldstone. The prototype str...