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Emissions cap may put lid on plants

06 September 2006, Published under Cement News

A plan to cap greenhouse gas emissions could mean cement plants, the biggest producers of carbon dioxide in the High Desert, will have to freeze production at current levels, local industry officials said, although plans already exist to explore commercial uses for the gas. Legislative bill AB 32, the product of a compromise between state Senate Democrats and Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger, passed in the Assembly on Thursday, one day after it was approved in the Senate. The bill is the first ...

Holcim Indonesia denies conflict of interest

04 September 2006, Published under Cement News

PT Holcim Indonesia, the third largest cement maker in the country, said in a disclosure to the stock exchange, that it followed all the correct procedures when securing a waste management project from the Aceh Reconstruction and Rehabilitation (BRR) body.    Its statement follows media reports that allege the firm used the influence of BRR chairman Kuntoro Mangkusubroto to secure the project which involved the destruction of expired medicines left over after a tsunami struck the country in...

Indocement’s CDM reaches final stage

04 September 2006, Published under Cement News

PT Indocement said that the implementation of its Clean Development Mechanism (CDM) project had reached the final stage. Sources at Indocement said that the CDM project started in 2005 had now reached the final stage, "whereby validation of the CDM project has been completed" (reports The Jakarta Post).   Part of Indocement’s CDM project is the use of alternative fuels such as rice husks, palm kernel shells and sawdust as a substitute for fossil fuels in the burning process.  

Safety concerns hinder possible enviro deal

04 September 2006, Published under Cement News

Californian cement companies are reportedly working with state transportation officials on a pact to lower the level of greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions produced during cement manufacturing in the state, by using a blended limestone cement. However, the California Department of Transportation (Caltrans) remains unconvinced a major switch in the formulation for cement used in road-building to achieve the emissions reductions would result in safe roads, according to a Caltrans source.    Indust...

Expert cautions building industry against using cement

30 August 2006, Published under Cement News

The Malaysian construction industry must come up with a ‘greener’ alternative for cement because producing a tonne of cement causes an equal tonnage of carbon dioxide to be released into the atmosphere.  This in turn results in a sharp rise in greenhouse gas emission, said an engineering expert from Curtin University of Technology. Dr Djwantoro Hardjito, who heads Curtin’s school of engineering and science, said the figure is alarming considering the fact that the production of cement worl...

Kilns being pressed to cut emissions

29 August 2006, Published under Cement News

From a remote site in the heart of Bavaria, in southern Germany, the modest Solnhofen cement plant is claimed as a model for reducing pollution. The technology’s success in Germany, using SCR technology, has placed the Solnhofen plant at the center of an increasingly contentious debate in Texas over whether cement kilns in Ellis County — long a target of local clean-air advocates — should follow their German counterparts’ lead. The outcome could have serious implications for local residents...

Plant, regulators cement cleanup deal

29 August 2006, Published under Cement News

Current and former owners and operators of a cement plant have come to an agreement with federal and state environmental regulators over what federal officials call "chronic air pollution violations" at the facility. Cemex, the former owner of the plant, agreed in a proposed consent decree to pay a civil penalty of nearly US$1.36m to federal authorities and the Michigan Department of Environmental Quality, according to the office of United States Attorney in Grand Rapids. The current owner...

Essroc wins enviro award

24 August 2006, Published under Cement News

It took seven years for Essroc Italcementi Group to propose and then build a  conveyor belt at its Nazareth-area plants, but it took less than a year for the project to earn industrywide praise. The Portland Cement Association industry group and Cement Americas, a trade publication, gave Essroc an award for innovation as part of the Cement Industry Environment and Energy Awards. Essroc’s 1.7-mile conveyor belt carries limestone from a quarry in Upper Nazareth Township to cement plants in N...

Mexico Cemex projects its own wind station

23 August 2006, Published under Cement News

Mexico’s cement maker Cemex is to utilise wind poower of the Istmo de Tehuantepec to install a wind mega-station in Juchitan de Zaragoza, Oaxaca, which will have a generation capacity of 250 megawatts. The wind station, which will have 300 airgenerators, will be the biggest of its type in Latin America and the first to be operated by a private company in Mexico. Mexico’s Energy Regulatory Commission (CRE) decided to authorize Cemex to develop self-supply activities on July 6. Thus, the cemen...

DOE and Lafarge reach agreement

21 August 2006, Published under Cement News

US Department of Environmental Quality Director Steven E. Chester today announced that the agency has reached an agreement with Lafarge Midwest over allowable mercury levels from the company’s Alpena site. In the proposed agreement, Lafarge will cap mercury emissions at 567 pounds per year until January 1, 2010, or completion of permitted modifications to its kilns, whichever comes first. Following that, the company will substantially reduce its emissions to a cap of 390 pounds of mercury pe...