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Spanish bonemeal

06 January 2004, Published under Cement News

Valencia region, eastern Spain, used 75 per cent of the bonemeal made in the region as a fuel for the cement industry in the region, a representative of the Local Government, Rafael Blasco, said on January 5, 2004.  The use of bonemeal as a fuel is in line with the region's objectives to help the cement industry to reduce the greenhouse gas emissions and to substitute traditional fossil fuels. At the same time burning bonemeal is more environment-friendly than using it as a compost or dumping...

Melon uses tyres

05 January 2004, Published under Cement News

Chile's Cemento Melon has begun using used tyres to fire its kiln no 9 at its industrial plant in Region V municipality La Calera, Melon communications manager Ignacio del Rio confirmed to local reporters. The US$1m project is being carried out under a strategic alliance with Goodyear Chile.  Environmental authorities are scheduled to conduct tests within 30 days to ensure that emissions levels fall within authorized levels, said del Rio, adding that apart from the company, government authori...

Hudson plant debate

05 January 2004, Published under Cement News

The longstanding debate over St Lawrence Cement's proposal to build a US$320 million cement plant about 20 miles from the Connecticut border in New York continues. Currently, the company, St. Lawrence Cement, is seeking a permit for the plant from New York's Department of Environmental Conservation (DEC)-the first of 17 permits the company needs. During the past few months, the two sides have wrangled over traffic and noise pollution. More "adjudication of issues" may be in store, if Erin Cr...

UK – Court rejects superquarry plan

05 January 2004, Published under Cement News

Plans for a 600ha ‘super quarry’ at Lingerbay, Harris have received a setback for cement producer Lafarge as the Court of Session rejected the plans.  The basis of the case relied on the permission for quarrying the site, granted by the now defunct Inverness County Council in 1965, which was argued as still valid despite the Scottish Executive ruling that the new quarry should not take up no more than 5ha. However, in their written judgement, the appeal judged stated that the original claim ...

Spain – Cement plants burn 75 per cent of Valencia’s bonemeal

05 January 2004, Published under Cement News

The region of Valencia, eastern Spain, burns 75 per cent of its bonemeal production in cement plants – the highest in Spain, according to local government representative, Rafael Blasco. The use of bonemeal as fuel for the kilns helps the region to reduce its greenhouse gas emissions and to substitute traditional fuels. The success of this use of bonemeal has also meant that Valencia only dumps 1.7 per cent of its bonemeal output, in contrast to other regions where dumping rates are typ...

China - Tibetan Goatian moved to protect air quality

30 December 2003, Published under Cement News

One of Tibet’s major polluters, Goatian Cement, has been moved away from the outskirts of Lhasa into a deep valley at 30km distance. The high dust levels discharged from the plant have been cited as the key reason for the move, which comes with the clampdown on pollution in the area and has seen the closure of eight cement works and various other production facilities. Xu Mingyang, vice-chairman of the Tibet autonomous regional government stresses the urgency and must to close down or move p...

Sumitomo Osaka Cement to expand waste processing

24 December 2003, Published under Cement News

Sumitomo Osaka Cement plans to spend 4 billion yen over a two-year period starting in fiscal 2004 to increase its processing capacity for waste products used as raw materials.  The cement producer will construct dehydrated organic sludge processing facilities at its Kochi plant and add coal ash processing equipment to its Tochigi facility. The company will also build storage sites to handle more sludge and construction waste soil at the Kochi and Ako plants.  Through the moves, the company pl...

Chile – Corema authorises Polpaico alternative fuels burning

18 December 2003, Published under Cement News

Corema, the environment agency covering the Santiago metropolitan region, has authorised Cemento Polpaico to burn alternative fuels in its Cerro Blanco works, 38km north of the Chilean capital. The cement manufacturer, part of the Holcim group, will use alternative fuels such as industrial waste to fire the plant. The project is part of a US$10m investment plan that also includes plant optimisation.

UK – SEPA calls Scottish companies for EMS sign-up

17 December 2003, Published under Cement News

The Scottish Environment Protection Agency (SEPA) is calling Scottish companies to sign up for the remas project, a three-year study to examine environmental management systems (EMS) in the EU. Remas is led by the Environment Agency in England & Wales and co-funded by the EC Life fund, the Scottish Environment Protection Agency, the Environmental Protection Agency (in Ireland), and the Institute of Environmental Management & Assessment Endorsing remas, Campbell Gemmell, CEO of the Sc...

Europe – Cement Sustainability stakeholders make progress in wide range of issues

12 December 2003, Published under Cement News

The latest Cement Sustainability stakeholder meeting, hosted by the Cement Sustainability Initiative in Brussels, was the scene for productive talks on many of the more complex issues surrounding the industry : alternative fuels, standards and emissions, monitoring and measuring. The value of building links to key international organisations such as the WHO, ILO, ICEM and the Global Reporting Initiative were also under discussion. The meeting was well attended by representatives of more ...