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Climeworks' Orca project upscales to explore direct air capture for CO2 reduction

02 December 2020, Published under Cement News

Climeworks' Orca project to create direct air capture (DAC) in Iceland has reached the next level where the DAC technology is combined with Carbfix's underground storage of carbon dioxide, capturing 4000t of CO 2 per year when completed. The cement industry may need to explore such technology to improve its capabilities of reducing CO 2 emissions. By scaling up its direct air capture and storage technology, Climeworks is making a permanent CO 2 removal solution more easily attainable ...

Keflavík harbour blocked by grounded cement carrier

07 November 2018, Published under Cement News

The 4000dwt cement carrier Fjordvik has run aground at the entrance to Keflavík harbour in Iceland. The incident happened on Friday 2 November when 14 crew members and pilot were safely lifted off the stricken vessel. The Fjordvik remains lodged on the rocks with a breach in the hull and a small oil spill. The ship had apprximately 100t of oil on board and initial attempts to pump the oil into trucks has failed. Current weather conditions are unfavourable for a salvage operation. Port cont...

Akranes cement plant to be demolished

13 December 2017, Published under Cement News

The cement plant in Akranes, west Iceland, will be demolished, according to reports by the country’s broadcaster RÚV. The demolition crews moved in earlier this week and has received widespread support from the town’s 7000 residents, some of whom have been linked to the plant for generations. “Generally, everyone believes [the plant] should go. It has deteriorated and I think everyone is in favour of it,” says Alfreð Alfreðson, operations manager and whose father helped build the plant in...