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Polish cement association calls for protective measures

20 May 2021, Published under Cement News

he Polish cement association has called upon the government to support protective measures such as the border protection mechanism (CBAM) to enable the cement industry to meet the challenges presented by new climate regulations and the market environment. In a letter to the Polish prime minister, the organisation says: “However, we are concerned that the lack of protective measures - such as the Border Protection Mechanism (CBAM) currently being processed by the European Commission - may re...

Polish cement industry sets out future survival plan

23 October 2020, Published under Cement News

The Polish cement industry has achieved a remarkable transformation over the last decade, as multimillion euro investments have boosted production and dramatically improved its environmental performance. The sector now consists of 14 modern cement plants. Domestic cement production reached 18.9Mt in 2018 and 18.7Mt in 2019, making Poland the third-largest cement producer in the EU with 10 per cent of the region’s cement output.  However, the forthcoming phase of the EU Emissions Trading S...

Polish Cement Association calls on government to send cement and construction workers back to work

14 April 2020, Published under Cement News

The Polish Cement Asociation has written an open letter to the government explaining how important it is to get the cement and construction sectors back to work. “The contribution of Polish construction to the national economy is estimated at 10 per cent of GDP, including the cement industry generating directly about one per cent of our GDP... "For the sake of the state of the entire economy, including the situation of all participants in the construction process, we call for consistent sup...