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Holcim reshapes for the future

24 February 2023, Published under Cement News

Holcim caught the cement world's attention this week when it announced the launch of a major low carbon cement project in Europe. The French cement plant of Saint-Pierre-la-Cour is the location of the project that will use the company's proprietary ProximaTech technology to produce ECOPlanet cement, which is a calcined clay cement, with a 50 per cent lower CO2 footprint than OPC. The development of the ECOPlanet cement in France was given an important boost after the French government com...

Holcim launches calcined clay cement line in Europe

13 February 2023, Published under Cement News

Holcim has launched a calcined clay cement operation in its Saint-Pierre-la-Cour plant in France to deliver ECOPlanet green cement with 50 per cent lower CO 2 footprint compared to standard cement (CEM I). This advanced production line will use Holcim’s proprietary technology proximA Tech and produce up to 500,000toa of low-carbon cement. The sustainable operations are powered with 100 per cent biomass-based alternative fuels and waste heat recovery systems, making the manufacturing of...