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Vietnam to raise cement prices

22 November 2004, Published under Cement News

To prevent further losses, the cement sector must raise prices due to the increasing costs of imported materials,  according to the Vietnam Cement Association.  The sector’s profits are expected to fall this year, after the import prices for coal, electricity, petrol, oil, transport and clinker increased. Profits  fell from VND605 billion in 2002 to VND546 billion last year. Nguyen Van Thien, the association’s chairman, said the rocketing prices of  imported materials directly impacted pr...

Egyptian Cement Output at 2.634Mt

19 November 2004, Published under Cement News

Egypt’s cement output reached 2.634Mt in July 2004, up from 2.498Mt in June 2004, the Central Bank of Egypt (CBE) said in a report.  Local cement sales totalled 2.311 million tonnes in July 2004, compared to 2.388Mt in June 2004 and 2.177Mt in May 2004.  Egypt exported 618,000t of cement in July 2004, an increase from 541,000t and 505,000t  in June and May 2004 respectively.  Egypt’s cement output stood at 28.945Mt in 2003. Local consumption totalled 26.602Mt during the year, while exports st...

Building materials prices soar in Nigeria

18 November 2004, Published under Cement News

A survey conducted by PM Property Guide, Lagos, at building materials markets in the state revealed that the price of almost every building material in the market has increased. Badly hit are products like cement, iron rods, ceramic tiles, etc. A bag of 50kg cement which was sold for N950 in August now goes for N1000. 50 tons of iron rods which was sold for N35,000 now costs between N40,000 and N42,000, a 6x6 ceramic which was sold for N500 now costs N600.

New highway in Paraguay

17 November 2004, Published under Cement News

The executive project report on plans to pave Paraguay’s Concepcion-Vallemi highway will be ready for presentation to the River Plate basin development fund (Fonplata) by end-January, the public works and communications ministry said.   The ministry is seeking Fonplata funds to finance the US$65m, 180km project. Paving works could begin by end-2005, minister Alberto Alderete said in the statement.  Paraguay’s state cement company Industria Nacional del Cemento (INC), which has pledged to supp...

Three Arrested for cement theft

17 November 2004, Published under Cement News

Police authority in Monrovia has confirmed the arrest of three persons in connection to an alleged dubious act of reducing the quantity of cement produced by CEMENCO from its original size of 50kg, thereby making the public to believe that the corporation was reducing its products to the detriment of its customers. The suspects were arrested on last Friday on board a truck marked TT-0113 that was conveying cement. According to an investigation conducted by this paper, the three suspects w...

Demand for cement estimated 33Mt by 2008

15 November 2004, Published under Cement News

According to Al-Sharq Al-Awsat newspaper (November 11, 2004), a recently publicised study by the Egyptian Hermes Group foresees the demand for cement in Saudi Arabia to continue to grow until 2008. The study foresees a downward trend in the demand for cement in the Kingdom through the years 2008-2012. The study estimated the cement consumption in Saudi Arabia at 33Mt in 2008 compare with current 22Mt.  

Aditya Birla Group launches UltraTech in Hyderabad

12 November 2004, Published under Cement News

Launching UltraTech Cement, the new name of L&T Cement, in Hyderabad on Wednesday, OP Puranmalka, executive president and chief marketing officer of UltraTech Cement Limited, Aditya Birla Group, said that nothing has changed except the name. "What was earlier L&T Cement now becomes UltraTech Cement. The quality, the technology, the plants and the people remain unmatchable," he said.   Puranmalka said that UltraTech Cement will continue to be manufactured in the state-of-the-art plants at...

German cement prices

10 November 2004, Published under Cement News

Domestic cement prices are up by an average Euro 12/t from the Euro 30-35/t from 2003. No further market share losses in H2 04. Volumes expected to fall for the national market by four per cent in 2004 and four per cent in 2005. Price hike of Euro 9.5/t announced for January 2005 (Exane BNP Paribas).

Mary Nour detention unlawful

10 November 2004, Published under Cement News

With the Mary Nour still docked at the Port of Altamira, Tampico, and the Altamira Customs insisting that the this Panamanian registered vessel should not be allowed to leave, undock or move at all from where it is docked until further notice, the Mexican General Directorate of the Merchant Navy, under section 30 of the Maritime Act has officially complained to the Customs authorities over what it sees as an illegal detention. “This is to advise you that we have received from the Shipowne...

Associated Cement Companies statistics

09 November 2004, Published under Cement News

ACC production and despatch figures for the month of October 2004, are as follows:   October 2004 Cement production 1.394Mt. Cement despatches 1.402Mt October 2003 Cement production 1.268Mt. Cement despatches 1.232Mt. Cumulative April-October 2004 Cement production 9.381Mt. Cement despatches 9.388Mt.    April-October 2003 Cement production 8.789Mt. Cement despatches 8.754Mt.