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Self-healing concrete

10 September 2018, Published under Cement News

The formation of cracks in concrete is a common occurrence and in many cases is not regarded as a major issue. However, in some circumstances they may pose a threat to a concrete structure if its purpose is to prevent the movement of water or if there is a risk of the ingress of deleterious materials. Research is underway in a number of locations to investigate ways of encouraging healing of the cracks without major intervention. Figure 1: microcracks in concrete (cracks are up to 0.0...

Problems with cement

17 June 2014, Published under Cement News

There are many causes for complaints about cement quality from customers, some more justified than others. A brief review of some common perceived issues indicates that a deeper look at the potential causes for problems may help reduce the incidence of complaints. Problems with concrete cracking Over a six-month period the complaints from customers of a single cement plant were categorised and 69 per cent of the complaints were found to relate to service matters, typically late ...