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Keeping kilns cool

12 September 2016, Published under Cement News

Kiln hotspots are one of the causes of mechanical stresses on cement kilns. However, this issue can be addressed with the use of a water- or air-based kiln cooling system. One Germany-based firm makes the case for water-based systems. By Alexander Scholl and Dirk Schmidt, Kima Echtzeitsysteme GmbH, Germany. A water-based kiln cooling system provides additional benefits to air-based equipment Increasing demands in terms of energy consumption, productivity, emissions and operation...

Crystal inclusions in Portland cement clinker

10 August 2016, Published under Cement News

The nature of inclusions in clinker crystals provides clues about the burning environment and are therefore important indicators of clinker quality. Figure 1: blue belite inclusions in alite crystals Of the four main crystalline compounds that are found in Portland cement clinker, two are produced as solids and two are present in the burning zone of the cement kiln as a liquid, which then crystallises on cooling. Microscopic examination of clinker has been employed as a quali...

Clinker cooling

16 March 2015, Published under Cement News

Descriptions of the formation of cement clinker generally concentrate on those reactions that take place as the kiln feed heats up and passes through the process to the burning zone. The part of the operation after the burning zone and up until the clinker’s eventual delivery to the cement mill can also have a significant effect on the quality of cement produced. Figure 1: zoned C3S crystal with C2S inclusions in a finely divided groundmass. (Field of view is 90µm) In a precalci...