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Holcim Philippines embrace drones and digitalisation for maintenance

16 January 2023, Published under Cement News

Holcim Philippines has started to harness advanced technology as part of its regular maintenance programme in plants and manufacturing sites. Drones inspect the La Union facility in Bacnotan, allowing the operator to take notes of maintenance actions to be taken. Using drones for regular and periodic maintenance has eliminated health and safety risks from having people conduct visual inspections in remote spaces. The drone also allows for higher frequency of checks and reduces equipment ...

Holcim takes drone work to new heights at Siggenthal

12 August 2021, Published under Cement News

Holcim Switzerland's Siggenthal cement plant is being used as a pilot site for Holcim Group's global “Plants of Tomorrow” initiative. As part of the programme, the plant is testing the latest 4.0 technologies and working methods to make cement production more efficient and sustainable.  In the latest collaboration with the ETHZ start-up “Voliro”, special drones are being used in Siggenthal for maintenance work at great heights, which Holcim claims is a world first. Holcim is using ...

The digital quarry

10 June 2019, Published under Cement News

Quarries often give the impression that they have been forgotten in capital investment projects, having bypassed technological changes for several years. However, the quarry is where production starts and here, modern technology can provide savings downstream, in the kiln line. By Dr Pawel Kawalec, Kawalec Consulting GmbH, Switzerland. No longer an innovation, the use of drones is becoming more commonplace Rising environmental awareness as well as stricter local development rule...

Bring in the drones

03 October 2018, Published under Cement News

In the last few years commercial drones have become increasingly common in quarries all over the world. But how does the use of drone technology impact quarry operations? For specific tasks drone technology can totally overhaul traditional methods. By Propeller Aero, Australia. For specific tasks, such as a quarry’s end-of-month reconciliation, the use of drones can bring significant benefits to quarry operations Drones improve data-capture speed and are much more user-friend...

Elevated savings

27 June 2016, Published under Cement News

Drones have quickly become a popular tool for quarry management. From planning to operations, they are saving companies time and money by assessing and measuring raw material stockpiles quickly and efficiently. By Rosalie Bartlett, Kespry, USA. Drones are increasing quarry efficiency in several ways. One example is through stockpile measurement. In the past, many aggregate companies would measure stockpiles using a combination of employees on the ground and third-party surveyors. Sur...