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Optimising a dynamic process

04 January 2017, Published under Cement News

The cement production process is dynamic, with substantial opportunities for optimisation, improving plant productivity as well as profitability. Cemtech Technical Workshops are an important way of disseminating this information among plant staff and have proven highly successful. We take a look at what lies ahead in the 2017 programme of Cemtech Workshops. By Dr Michael Clark, UK. Participants can nominate their own priorities during some aspects of the Cemtech Technical Workshops ...

Beyond Bernoulli

19 October 2015, Published under Cement News

Dr Clark considers the flow of gases through the cement kiln process and some of the governing principles and complexities. Preheater exhaust gas flows are an important source of recoverable energy A recurring theme of the Technical Forum has been the fundamental mass balance of a cement kiln and the mass flows into, through and away from the cement kiln system. The subject of this month’s article are the mass flows in the exhaust gases and particularly the preheater exhaust....