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Ensuring safe practices

25 September 2017, Published under Cement News

Occupational health and safety is key priority for the HeidelbergCement. This is reflected by HeidelbergCement India’s efforts to instil a health and safety culture at an organisational and technical level, and the implementation of a number of initiatives to enhance employee workplace safety and reduce accident-related plant downtime. By Jamshed N Cooper and SK Tiwari, HeidelbergCement India. HeidelbergCement India highlights health and safety practices implemented across its operati...

Passion for safety

12 August 2013, Published under Cement News

A company’s ability to maintain the highest standards, whether in safety, quality control or environmental excellence, depends largely on its employees. By investing in employee training and development, organisations foster a culture that promotes and encourages sustainable corporate success. This strategy is particularly true with regard to occupational health and safety. By Robin DeCarlo, Holcim (US), Inc. Holcim’s Devil’s Slide plant in Morgan, Utah, is just one example where the ...

Aiming for zero accidents

22 July 2013, Published under Cement News

For the World Business Council for Sustainable Development’s (WBCSD) Cement Sustainability Initiative (CSI), the number-one priority for all its 24 member companies is safety. Revised guidelines published in May 2013 on measuring and reporting aim to make the industry a safer place. Mobile equipment operation is one of the key areas of safety concerns in cement plants Prioritising safety is not new to CSI members. They have always been aware of the challenges concerning drivers ...

Giant steps for safety

15 July 2013, Published under Cement News

Since the privatisation of Bulgarian producers Devnya Cement and Vulkan Cement by Italcementi in the late 1990s, significant improvements to working conditions and occupational safety at both facilities have been implemented and continue to be a core value of operations. By Devnya Cement, Bulgaria. Measures employed by Italcementi's Bulgarian operations have led to a significant reduction in accidents by minimising risks and providing a safe working environment for employees ...

Safety: meeting the challenge

05 March 2012, Published under Cement News

In this article, Peter Anderson reflects on his role as a General Manager of a cement plant in China, and the steps he took to establish an effective health and safety programme. Unconventional and even controversial, this article brings an original perspective to one of the most challenging and important roles of the cement plant manager, especially those operating in developing markets. Effective health and safety using Professor W Edwards Deming's "14 rules" as a foundation ...