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Kiln emissions – more than just hot air

01 February 2017, Published under Cement News

In last month’s Technical Forum we promised to return to the topic of cement kiln emissions, which were said to be both simple and complex, benign and noxious. The challenge is to see the broad simplicity, which then allows the increasing complexity to be understood. By Dr Michael Clark, UK. Kiln emissions include a wide range of gases – some benign but others noxious At the macro level cement kiln emissions are indeed simple. The raw materials used for manufacturing clinker are...

Balancing volatile behaviour

28 May 2012, Published under Cement News

Following on from last month’s Technical Forum about the impacts of alternative fuels and raw materials, Dr Michael Clark examines the effect on kiln emissions, using the mass balance of the cement kiln as a starting point. Metallic mercury and mercury compounds are too volatile to pass down the preheater into the rotary section of a kiln What goes into the cement kiln must either come out in the clinker product or the emissions from the kiln, or it must be retained and built...