Cement Industry Publications

About Tradeship Publications Ltd

Tradeship Publications Ltd was formed in 1988 with the initial aim of providing the global cement industry with a dedicated monthly magazine tailored to providing the very best in market reports, technical analysis, case studies, viewpoints, shipping and trade information.

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International Cement Review Magazine

International Cement Review has, since its launch issue in April 1988, provided complete coverage of the global cement sector, a leading role which is unrivalled in terms of content, highest quality research and worldwide subscription levels – over 100 per cent higher than any other cement sector journal.

International Cement Conferences & Exhibitions

The company then entered the international conference arena in 1991 with its extremely successful Cemtech conferences, workshops and exhibitions, now held worldwide and attracting senior audiences in excess of 350 at each major event.

Technical Publications

Tradeship also publishes very successful yearbooks and technical publications including:

Research Facilities

Private client research, market and technical studies, financial evaluations, manpower assistance are handled via: The International Cement Research Group, and can be contacted at: info@icrg.co.uk

Online training

Using the industry portal: www.CemNet.com Tradeship has developed a complete range of online technical courses for everyone engaged in cement management, production and distribution. Over 1000 students worldwide have benefited from this e-learning initiative, without doubt the best series of online training courses available to the global cement industry.