Cement News: Environmental

21 August 2006

What do emission caps mean for California?

California Portland Cement Co had planned to build more plants this year but put its expansion on hold as it awaits a decision by state lawmakers that the company says could force it to cut production

21 August 2006

Burning tyres in Puerto Rico

US environmental regulators have granted a permit to a division of Cemex to burn used tyres for fuel at a plant in the southern Puerto Rican city of Ponce, officials and the company said Thursday. The

21 August 2006

DOE and Lafarge reach agreement

US Department of Environmental Quality Director Steven E. Chester today announced that the agency has reached an agreement with Lafarge Midwest over allowable mercury levels from the company’s A

17 August 2006

Apasco boosts sustainable construction

Based on the guidelines issued from offices of Holcim Foundation for Sustainable Construction, in Switzerland, the company is attempting to boost a sustainable construction culture among its customers

UK Cemex improving its environmental performan 16 August 2006

UK Cemex improving its environmental performan

Cemex is now testing a form of processed household waste called Climafuel at its Rugby plant. Sustainability director Dr David Evans explains:

15 August 2006

Anger over visit to German cement plant

Top officials from Rugby are travelling to Germany as part of an investigation into plans to burn household waste at the town’s cement factory.

New EPA energy standards will increase plant efficiency 15 August 2006

New EPA energy standards will increase plant efficiency

The first-ever energy-efficiency ratings for cement plants will enable those industries to cut energy usage, save money and prevent greenhouse gases

14 August 2006

California set to improve its environmental credent

Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger (along with the legislature) has a chance to make California a world leader in reducing global warming. The Global Warming Solutions Act, or AB 32, would place limits on ca

14 August 2006

Swiss-Vietnam clean project

The first phase of a cooperation project on clean air between Vietnam and Switzerland was launched in Hanoi on August 8. The purpose of the first phase of the Switzerland-Vietnam Clean Air Programme i

14 August 2006

Villagers to get compensation

JP Cement has decided to compensate residents of Bhalag village for their loss due to dumping of debris from their construction sites into the village river, resulting in the flooded streamwashing awa

14 August 2006

Tyre and slag burning at Trident almost ready to start

The Montana Department of Environmental Quality (DEQ) recently released drafts of its long-awaited Environmental Impact Statement and air quality permit to allow Holcim to burn 1.13 million scrap tire

11 August 2006

No to coal in Idaho

Gov. Jim Risch signed an order that essentially keeps mercury-emitting coal-fired power plants out of Idaho. "I have concluded that it is unwise and imprudent to opt into the federal mercury program,"

09 August 2006

First Wallboard Manufacturer to Partner with GRA

USG was the first wallboard manufacturer to contract with GRA’s parent company, Gypsum Recycling International, to purchase reprocessed gypsum for the production of new wallboard. GRA’s fi

07 August 2006

Ha Long Bay not listed as in danger

Deputy Director of the Ha Long Bay Managing Board Nguyen Cong Thai who has returned to Vietnam from the 30th conference of the World Heritage Committee held in Vilnius, Lithuania, said on August 2 tha

07 August 2006

Enviro notice to cement factories

The Madhya Pradesh High Court issued notices to the State Government and two cement factories of Rewa district on a Public Interest Litigation (PIL) for causing water, air and noise pollution in 18 vi

03 August 2006

Rugby Cement warned over fuel burning scheme, UK

Owners of the Rugby Cement works have been warned they must prove a proposed fuel burning scheme is not not ’harmful’ to the town. About 100 residents and councillors attended a meeting at