01 September 2005

New fears over dumping of cement plant’s waste

Castle Cement wants to bury waste from its new £54m kiln in Padeswood, Buckley, rather than transport it to a site near Mold. The application is due to go before Flintshire County Council planning com

31 August 2005

PCA in Sustainable Practices, Environmental Performance

The Portland Cement Association (PCA) is releasing its first edition of the US cement industry Report on Sustainable Manufacturing. This summary report details an impressive record of environmental, h

31 August 2005

UK Cement plant seeks to pioneer waste-derived fuel

Lafarge Cement UK’s Cauldon Works, near Ashbourne, is working to phase out the use of traditional fossil fuels by using it as another sustainable waste-derived fuel. The factory already gets mor

22 August 2005

Union Bridge reduces emissions

Test results on emissions from Lehigh Cement Co. in Union Bridge show a reduction in toxic chemical emissions that are common to cement manufacturing. Toxic emissions dropped from more than 400,000 po

22 August 2005

Federal agency to look at kilns’ health impact Midlothian

A petition by Midlothian, Texas, residents has prompted a federal agency under the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention to investigate whether to begin a study of possible health effects of Texa

18 August 2005

Cement plant problems to be monitored

Cement plant neighbors plan to monitor problems such as the "fugitive dust" they say rises up in a cloud bank over a section of US Route 9W and engulfs vehicles as large as tractor-trailers. That pers

17 August 2005

UK Agency approves chipped tyres

The United Kingdom’s Environment Agency has announced that it is allowing Cemex UK Cement Ltd to begin trials using chipped tires as a partial substitute fuel at its Rugby cement works. After extensiv

15 August 2005

To cut pollution, Dutch pay a dump in Brazil

Brazilian workers and the Dutch government have been brought together in an unusual partnership by the Kyoto Protocol, the international treaty under which most industrialized countries, other than th

15 August 2005

Expansion at Cemex plant

Harlon Guenther’s front yard is reportedly covered with a fine white dust, a daily consequence of living less than 200 yards from the Cemex New Braunfels, USA cement plant. Guenther was dismayed to le

15 August 2005

Green group accuses Schweitzer of betraying the environment

An environmental group battling Holcim Inc. over the company’s plan to burn tires says that Gov. Brian Schweitzer is turning his back on protecting the environment. To make its point, the Montan

15 August 2005

Aussi cement producer - water limit breach?

Western Australia’s largest cement producer could escape with just a A$10,000 fine if it is prosecuted for exceeding its water limit by 2.8 billion litres. The Department of Environment has conf

12 August 2005

TXI to agree pollution limits

The second US Midlothian cement plant in a week has agreed to limit its air pollution while maintaining increased cement production.

11 August 2005

Tyres as fuel raises concern

Local residents not sure what to think about Lafarge North America’s bid to burn 4.8 million scrap tyres a year as fuel in its nearby Alpena cement plant, according to the local environmental gr

08 August 2005

Lafarge launches ’clean development’ project

Lafarge has been authorized by the French government to launch the first French project to apply the ’clean development’ mechanism contained in the Kyoto protocol on climate change. The g

08 August 2005

Cement firm faces increasing legal costs

Five years ago, St Lawrence Cement Co., carved out a desolate patch of the Broadway Marine Terminal and began building a $50 million, highly automated slag cement processing plant in South Jersey Port

05 August 2005

2nd kiln agrees to reduce emissions

Holcim has agreed to slash emissions of ozone-forming pollutants at its Midlothian cement kiln, a move that environmentalists and company officials say could dramatically improve local air quality.