15 August 2005

Aussi cement producer - water limit breach?

Western Australia’s largest cement producer could escape with just a A$10,000 fine if it is prosecuted for exceeding its water limit by 2.8 billion litres. The Department of Environment has conf

12 August 2005

TXI to agree pollution limits

The second US Midlothian cement plant in a week has agreed to limit its air pollution while maintaining increased cement production.

11 August 2005

Tyres as fuel raises concern

Local residents not sure what to think about Lafarge North America’s bid to burn 4.8 million scrap tyres a year as fuel in its nearby Alpena cement plant, according to the local environmental gr

08 August 2005

Lafarge launches ’clean development’ project

Lafarge has been authorized by the French government to launch the first French project to apply the ’clean development’ mechanism contained in the Kyoto protocol on climate change. The g

08 August 2005

Cement firm faces increasing legal costs

Five years ago, St Lawrence Cement Co., carved out a desolate patch of the Broadway Marine Terminal and began building a $50 million, highly automated slag cement processing plant in South Jersey Port

05 August 2005

2nd kiln agrees to reduce emissions

Holcim has agreed to slash emissions of ozone-forming pollutants at its Midlothian cement kiln, a move that environmentalists and company officials say could dramatically improve local air quality.

02 August 2005

Boral cancelled sale agreement at cement works

After years of impasse there could at last be opportunities for new directions in development on the old Australian Portland Cement Works site. Since the closure of the historic site in the late 1980s

02 August 2005

Hot tub plan for old Lafarge works

A redundant UK cement works could regain its place at the heart of a North Pennines community if ambitious plans for an eco-village come to fruition. Full details of the project have been unveiled fo

01 August 2005

Zuari Cement expansion only after a thorough study

Southern India: A study of the problems likely to be faced by the people of peripheral villages would be made, before sanctioning the expansion of Zuari Cement, a government spokesman said. Presiding

01 August 2005

Site could cement RMC deal

Manatee county is hopeful a five-acre parcel near Port Manatee will suit RMC South Florida’s needs for a concrete batch plant and soothe the minds of East Manatee residents fighting to keep it o

28 July 2005

US in plans to bypass Kyoto protocol

The United States and Australia have been working in secret for 12 months on an alternative to the Kyoto protocol and will reveal today a joint pact with China, India and South Korea to cut greenhouse

28 July 2005

Gas pipeline given OK in Sugar Creek

Methane from a closed Sugar Creek landfill now will help power the Lafarge Corp cement operation. The Sugar Creek Board of Aldermen approved an ordinance Monday night allowing Lafarge and Waste Manag

27 July 2005

UK Cement works to reduce emissions

Lafarge Cement UK, has recently announced significant investment plans to cut emissions from its Dunbar works in Scotland by installing a UK£20m gas scrubbing system. The new system will cut the works

27 July 2005

Holcim plant to limit use of slag

Holcim Inc has agreed to limit the amount of slag it uses from Asarco’s idled East Helena, Montana, plant — and will not use any more slag from a Canadian smelter — after tests from the state sh

25 July 2005

Cement plant pares plans to burn tires

After two years of reviews and revisions Lafarge North America has filed a new application with the state Department of Environmental Conservation to burn 4.8 million tires annually at its Ravena ceme

22 July 2005

Farmer fails in bid to challenge waste burn

A UK farm-owner failed in a High Court challenge to plans to burn animal waste at a cement works. She claims that if the scheme goes ahead it will blight her home and contaminate her farmland. Mrs M