International Cement Review articles tagged under : Environment

21 December 2012

In the zone with ozone

Holcim Indonesia tackles ozone-depleting gases at its treatment facility near Narogong, whichis operated by the Geocycle subsidiary. So far the unit has destroyed more than 210,000Mt of CO2 gases.

03 December 2012

Raising global AFR usage

Jan Theulen of HeidelbergCement details the group’s global co-processing strategy.

14 November 2012

UltraTech's sustainable journey

UltraTech Cement's sustainability goals range from reducing fossil fuels and water consumption to waste heat recovery.

22 October 2012

Steady dust removal

Taiheiyo Engineering Corp has installed its new filter-type electrostatic precipitator at the Fujiwara plant, Japan.

EU ETS: 2011 cement update 19 September 2012 Philip Kerton

EU ETS: 2011 cement update

Phil Kerton investigates the EU Environmental Trading Scheme from 2008-11 and looks at the recent performance of the main European producers in this area, plus likely changes to permit allocation levels in Phase III.

12 September 2012

Continuous flue gas monitoring

Spenner Zement looks to limit its kiln gas emissions with Enotec’s Continuous Emissions Monitoring technology.

Zlatna's alternative 05 September 2012

Zlatna's alternative

Titan’s Zlatna Panega plant in Bulgaria has been reaping the rewards of its advanced alternative fuels programme.

22 August 2012

Moving on to the next decade

The Cement Sustainability Initiative has launched its 2012 Progress Report which reviews sustainability targets.

06 August 2012 Muriel Bal

Building on achievements

Holcim’s Corporate Development Sustainability Report 2011 sets new sustainability targets for the Swiss major.

14 September 2012 Philip Kerton

Behind the numbers

Phil Kerton looks at the CSI’s plans to record a cement plant database for emissions and energy consumption.

16 July 2012

Protecting biodiversity

Tony Whitten explores a way forward in protecting biodiversity in and around limestone quarries.

04 June 2012

Multi-component cements

Reiner Härdtl reviews the strengths and merits of CEM X multi-component cements, which incorporate more than one addition to cement clinker to reduce CO2 and overall clinker content.

03 May 2012

MACT compliance: back to basics

Ducon Technologies describes how US cement plants can best ensure that they are MACT compliant.

09 May 2012

Iraq’s sustainable development

Lafarge has introduced its industrial ecology strategy to its Iraqi plants and is now improving waste management. Oil waste and municipal waste are two areas where Lafarge expects to make headway.

22 November 2011

Celitement – an alternative

OPC is seeing rivals that can be manufactured with less CO2, Celitement is one such product.

24 October 2011

Cement under the EU ETS

An update on the European Union's Emissions Trading Scheme as Phase II draws to a close.