The SEACON project

Published 01 June 2016

The SEACON project is a new research initiative into the production of an innovative concrete, containing high-chloride constituents (ie, cement, water and aggregates) in combination with non-corrosive reinforcement. This paper shows goals and preliminary results of one of its work packages. By Federica Bertola, Fulvio Canonico and Manuela Bianchi, Buzzi Unicem, Italy, and Antonio Nanni, University of Miami, USA.

Figure 1: partners and collaborators of the SEACON project

The SEACON study is being undertaken through a transnational cooperation between several industrial partners and two academic institutions from Italy and the USA, under the aegis of the EU ‘Infravation’ programme (see Figure 1). The project aims to prove the feasibility of a new reinforced concrete technology, by investigating three primary aspects:

  • mechanical performance
  • environmental impact
  • durability of the final reinforced concrete product.

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