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11 October 2017

Turkey's time for growth

Turkish cement producers faced a challenging year in 2016 as geopolitical and domestic events impacted on the country’s economy.  However, domestic cement demand potential remains sound and going forward, relatively modest growth is expected as the government invests in public housing and infrastructure to support its growing population. By Turkish Cement Manufacturers’ Association (TÇMB), Tur...

02 October 2017

Germany's wave of success

With the German economy continuing its growth trend, these are good times for the country’s many cement producers. Housebuilding dominates demand as the population rises and construction investment remains strong. Th...

27 September 2017

Signs of improvement

Following an abrupt fall in 2009 and a continued decline in subsequent years, the central European cement market picked up in 2014 and has since shown a modest but stable expansion in recent years. However, while pro...

04 September 2017

East Africa: time to shine?

East Africa’s future appears significantly brighter as economic growth accelerates following the recent challenging years. Increased construction demand is expected to fuel cement consumption and producers are gearin...

Open for business 29 August 2017

Open for business

South America has been hit by the global economic slowdown, although some countries are showing signs of recovery. Much of the region has a huge infrastructure gap to close, leading to the arrival of a number of new ...

21 August 2017

Cemex leads the Caribbean

With varying levels of economic growth across the region and reliant on overseas investment and trade with the UK and USA, these are uncertain times for the Caribbean. As a new player emerges in the regional cement m...

After the perfect storm 19 July 2017

After the perfect storm

Sluggish cement demand and oversupply have led to slow sales and low prices in South Africa. The cement sector’s low profit margins have not deterred new entrants with state-of-the-art plants providing plenty of comp...

05 July 2017

Asia prepares for new capacity

As ICR rounds up the latest capacity projects from around the world in its July 2017 issue, CemNet focusses on cement plants currently under construction and recently-announced projects in Asia as it prepares for Cem...

28 June 2017

Shaping southeast Asia

Ahead of Cemtech Asia in Singapore, 9-12 July 2017, ICR takes a moment to consider the changing make-up of southeast Asia’s cement capacity. The region has been at the forefront of cement industry growth for the last...

08 June 2017

Brazil: better times ahead?

As economic and political uncertainty combine, Brazil’s short-term future looks somewhat shaky. However, longer-term prospects for Latin America’s biggest cement market remain positive. While the country’s cement pro...

22 May 2017

Whither close ties to the US?

Since the signing of the North American Free Trade Agreement, which consolidated the close ties between Canada and the USA, significant changes have taken place in both countries. In addition, Canada’s cement produce...

02 May 2017

India: the long wait continues

Despite high hopes of a return to more robust growth rates, the Indian cement sector is likely to close FY16-17 with its slowest performance in over a decade. The third quarter (October-December 2016) proved to be pa...

26 April 2017

Russia: driving development

In spite of significant headway already made in terms of modernising the Russian cement production base, plenty of room for development remains. The modernisation of the industry continues as the country’s cement ass...

24 April 2017

Russian renaissance?

Russian cement producers faced a challenging market environment in 2015-16 as a new recession impacted the construction industry. However, the first signs of recovery are appearing and the cement market is expected t...

18 April 2017

Indonesia: changing perspectives

Sinarmas Sekuritas reports on the mounting cement capacity in Indonesia and the outlook for better prices and higher utilisation rates.

10 April 2017

Asian cement 2017: looking to the future

LEK Consulting reviews strategic interests in Asia.