Gaseous emission control

Published 12 December 2012

With acid gas emissions being one of the topics of this ICR issue Dr Clark reflects on previous Technical Forums on this subject and the latest offerings from WL Gore in this regard.

WL Gore deNOx technology

The control of the acid gas emissions NOx and SO2 is periodically discussed in the Technical Forum along with the control of other gaseous emissions such as unburnt hydrocarbons, dioxins, furans, mercury and other heavy metals. The chemistry underlying the origin and mitigation of such emissions can be quite fiendish, which for the moderator is one of their fascinations. Many readers will be familiar with the chemistry of the condensed solid and liquid phases in a cement kiln, but fewer will be familiar with the chemistry in the gaseous phase of the kiln. That is what has to be addressed to fully understand the sources and control of gaseous emissions.

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