Power meets versatility

Published 04 June 2013

Tagged Under: shredding Alternative Fuels 

As the cement industry increasingly uses refuse-derived and other alternative fuels to fire cement kilns, appropriate shredding technology avoids unnecessary bottlenecks in the production process. Lindner-Recyclingtech specialises in the development, production and sale of single-shaft shredders as well as compact plants for the processing of refuse-derived fuel, an evolution largely driven by the specific requirements of the cement industry. By Lindner-Recyclingtech GmbH, Austria.

Lindner RDF compact plants are designed to produce fuel for various incineration systems,

including cement kilns, power plants and fluidised bed incineration furnaces

It all began with a single question when German cement producers started to use refuse-derived fuels (RDF) at the tail-end of the 1980s: “Can we adapt our machines to produce solid recovered fuels (SRF) for the cement sector?” The answer was a resounding ‘yes’ and since then the industry has never looked back.

Austrian company Lindner-Recyclingtech was among the first to engineer equipment for the production of RDF with Lindner shredders netting plants about 2tph of main burner fuel. After more than two decades of innovative development guided by stringent cement industry requirements, today Lindner customers benefit from this experience as secondary shredders yield up to 18tph.

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