The strength of recycling

Published 23 August 2013

One of Latin America’s leading cement producers, Argos has been working on a pilot project for the collection, separation, classification and trituration of Construction and Demolition Waste (C&DW). The company has used recycled aggregates to partially replace conventional aggregates in concrete mixtures of different types of strength and settlement. Several lab tests were carried out to determine the effect of using recycled aggregates with results indicating that types of concretes containing these materials possess similar qualities as those produced with conventional aggregates, including durability. By Héctor L Romero, Cementos Argos, Colombia.

Argos has carried out research to help increase the use of recycled aggregates in new concrete

A couple of decades ago, society started becoming aware of the impact of unwanted byproducts resulting from industrial activity. Thus, we learned that the model of unlimited growth in an infinite world, of unrestricted use of natural resources and uncontrolled environmental pollution, would eventually lead to the planet’s destruction.

Concerns about the preservation of natural resources have led to a change in society’s attitude, particularly in the construction industry. Today, building projects must be considered in light of the social, economic and environmental pillars of sustainability. Knowledge of the products and materials, and their impact on environmental surroundings, has become essential to reducing the effects of the construction sector and, consequently, to contributing to a sustainable society.

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