Reporting value

Published 23 September 2013

Globalisation, international policy activity in response to crises and recession, current and future resource scarcity, environmental concerns and heightened expectations of corporate transparency and accountability have all pushed the boundaries of business reporting. Markets, regulators and civil society demand an ever-broader information requirement in which disconnected strands are brought together into a coherent whole and show how a company (or organisation) can add value now and in the future. These changing needs have given rise to a new type of reporting: integrated reporting.

Integrated reporting is expected to deliver clearer, more relevant information and

help cement producers meet today’s sustainability challenges

Business plays a key role in addressing the world’s sustainability challenges, including environmental degradation, climate change and social issues such as poverty and social unrest. Through its resources and skills, business can play a role in providing much-needed solutions to today’s challenges. However, this transformation can only succeed if business receives the best return on its capital. Measuring and reporting on its performance and progress is a crucial element in realising this.

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