Go process: sun and cement

Published 30 June 2014

In its search to substitute traditional energy sources such as fossil fuels, the cement industry is exploring several alternatives. One such option is the use of concentrated solar thermal (CST) energy in the calcination process to achieve the continuous operation of the cement plant using a hybrid process. By Ricardo S Gonzalez, Cemex Latam Holdings, Colombia.

The use of concentrated solar thermal energy is one alternative option

to provide the energy required in the calcination process

In its research into solar energy use in the cement industry, Cemex Latam Holdings analysed the benefits of one particular option of solar energy generation: Go Process – a concentrated solar thermal technology with central tower, solar reactor at the top of the tower and thermal storage system (TSS) which allows energy substitution with high thermal energy efficiency.

Several energy substitution scenarios were investigated considering different energy losses and amounts of energy to be replaced. As the availability of solar energy did not prove a constraint, it is possible, from a technical viewpoint, to replace up to 100 per cent of the energy requirement.

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