Analysing raw mix control

Published 20 August 2018

The monitoring and control of the chemical composition of the raw meal is a key function at a cement plant, not only in terms of delivering a high-quality end product, but also for avoiding the negative impacts on a range of other production costs. The latest-generation analyser-based raw mix control provides a more accurate and timely flow of raw mix data. By Tom Dannemiller and Nichelle Worthington, Sabia Inc, USA.

Raw mix analyser in position

Controlling the chemical composition of the raw meal in a cement plant is a critical process, impacting many of the key performance indices of cement production. In addition to affecting several aspects of the final product, such as compressive strength, it also impacts energy consumption, grinding additive use, refractory life, additive consumption, fuel demand and other process factors. All of these can have a significant effect on a plant’s bottom line. Therefore, cement plants are looking to improve how they monitor and control the chemical composition of their raw meal, and PGNAA analysers, as well as their attendant next-generation control software, are growing in market acceptance. 

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