Powtech 2019 : Bagging & packaging

Published 07 March 2019


Aventus GmbH & Co KG (inc Windmoller & Holscher and Newtec brands)
Hall 1, Stand 518 
Web: www.aventus.global
Web: www.wuh-group.com
Product: FFS technology, Argon, Topas

In addition, the joint venture AVENTUS founded last year together with WINDMÖLLER + HÖLSCHER, the specialist for systems for the packaging of free-flowing bulk materials to the finished pallet, will also be represented at Powtech with its own stand. AVENTUS will provide information on the latest filling technology for prefabricated open-mouth bags, FFS (Form- Fill-Seal) systems as well as palletising technology and cargo securing.

The ARGON stretch-hood machine by Windmöller & Hölscher is arranged downstream of the palletiser. It automatically secures the stack of sacks ready for dispatch by applying a stretch hood. The process is fast, economic and renders optimal protection against slippage, breakage and contamination. Product can be stored outdoors without further protective measures.

TOPAS SL is a high-performance FFS bagging machine suitable for use with a wide range of free-flowing bulk solids. With its output of more than 2600 bags/h and its high efficiency it is most powerful bagging machine on the market. The machine excels with a large size range and can be equipped with a number of components specifically designed to suit the products to be bagged, such as a by-pass hopper, dust removal system, and washing capability. It can therefore be easily adjusted to the most diverse packaging requirements, with filling weights ranging from 5kg to 50kg. In addition to the gravity dosing method, volumetric dosing is available as an option.

BEUMER Group GmbH & Co KG
Hall 1, Stand 627
Web: www.beumergroup.com
Product: fillpac®, paletpac®, stretchhood®, robopac®

BEUMER fillpac FFS: High throughput, availability and a compact design are key features of the system

BEUMER fillpac FFS: High throughput, availability
and a compact design are key features of the system

BEUMER fillpac® FFS offers high throughput, availability and a compact design. The BEUMER fillpac® R filling machine fills bulk material from the building materials industry and other industrial pulverised goods into different bag sizes and types like valve bottom and flat valve bags in an efficient and gentle way and with the required throughput. The structure of the materials can be very fine to very coarse. The BEUMER bag placer and the ream magazine supply empty bags to the rotary filling machine ensuring high throughput.

The highly efficient 'form-fill-seal' system BEUMER fillpac FFS forms bags from a prefabricated tubular PE film and fills them with the product. The customers can select the optimal machine performance class from this product family depending on their requirements.

BEUMER Group offers different palletising solutions, depending on the packaged items. The BEUMER paletpac is suited best for bulk material. It is incorporated into high-performance packaging lines to process even sensitive and valuable products as well as products with special flow characteristics in a gentle and efficient manner. Depending on the product requirements, these palletisers can be equipped with a clamp-type or twin-belt turning device which turns the filled bags quickly into the required position for stacking, ensuring their dimensional stability without any deformations.

Concetti SpA

Hall 1, Stand 612
Web: www.concetti.com
Product: Continua FFS

Concetti's Continua FFS has six linear bagging positions. It is specifically designed for handling fine premix and pure cement into hermetic PE bags. Continua consists of deaeration probes for reducing the product volume as well as special dust-tight filling spout and bag holder and devices for compacting the product in the bag thus reducing the bag size. There is an integrated air cleaning system ensuring the product does not adhere to the inner walls of the bag affecting seal quality, while seal cooling clamps make the closure of the bag even more resistant and hermetic.

Bag sizes can range between 10-30kg and packaging can be achieved with speeds up to 800 bags/h or 500 bags/h for hermetic bags.

Doubrava Industrieanlagenbau GmbH
Hall 4, Stand 400
Web: www.doubrava.at
Product: bucket elevator

Doubrava has developed a bucket elevator for applications with materials where cross-contamination results in loss of product quality. It ensures classified conveying of bulk-materials. Doubrava belt buckete levators for vertical conveying of materials up to 50mm grain size and temperatures up to 120°C. Doubrava chain bucket elevators for vertical conveying of coarse grained materials and temperatures over 120°C.

Haver & Boecker OHG
Hall 1, Stand 535
Name of contact on stand: Robert Brüggemann
Web: www.haverboecker.com
Product: Adams®

ADAMS® construction Industries

ADAMS® construction Industries

The HAVER & BOECKER Machinery Division will be exhibiting at this year's Powtech under the motto "Perfect Flow for our blue planet". The focus is on the question of sustainability and resource conservation.

HAVER & BOECKER is focussing on its ADAMS® technology, for the clean packaging of powdery, bulk products into watertight PE packaging. The completely closed packaging protects highly sensitive products from loss and secures the quality against environmental impacts.

"Manufacturers are producing and packaging where the raw materials are located, which often means in countries with special climatic conditions. The packaged products are also exposed to extreme environmental conditions during global transport. This is precisely why the packaging has to withstand these conditions and absolutely protect the product," says Robert Brüggemann, Business Unit Head at HAVER Chemicals. Packaging in watertight PE containers offers precisely these advantages.

The bags are both tear-resistant and waterproof. They offer high UV and aroma protection, which is a critical advantage especially for hygroscopic products. At the same time, the environment is protected against contamination by potentially hazardous substances.

Premier Tech Chronos BV
Hall 5, Stand 433
Web: www.ptchronos.com
Product: CPL Series, Stretch-All, TFFS Series

The CPL Series is a high level gripper head palletiser (also called Compact palletiser) which utilises an ideal combination of robotic and traditional palletising technologies, optimising the benefits of both systems. The CPL palletisers feature an innovative automatic gripper technique and are available in two different versions to suit individual performance requirements.

The gripper technique ensures the exact positioning of the bags onto the pallet, in particular the precise positioning of overlapping bags for maximum pallet stability. The CPL Series can palletise from 400 up to 2400 bags/h (with multi pick-up gripper).

STRETCH-ALL is a universal applicable pallet load securing system based on stretch hood technology to secure a large range of stacked loads to pallets. The system guarantees optimum product safety by protecting it against humidity, UV and other weather conditions as well as against the danger of cargo shift during transport. The STRETCH ALL series requires little maintenance and is easy to operate. All functions are either motorised or pneumatically driven.

The TFFS series provides a universal, flexible and economical packaging system for tubular form, fill and seal applications at all throughput requirements up to 2000 bags/h. It is a fully automatic bagging system that forms, fills and seals side gusseted as well as pillow-type bags. 

Hall 1, Stand 533
Web www.rkw-group.com
Product: FFS films, ProVent®

RKW FFS Films are designed for 'form, fill and seal' packaging solution for the filling of bulk materials. Various film specifications are available  and can be processed on all standard FFS machines for different packaging configurations. RKW's FFS films have excellent machine runability and high filling performance (up to 2400 sacks/h). They can be supplied for hoses or flat strip processing and hot filling is possible.

Secure and highly flexible packaging for powdery goods – with its RKW ProVent® System, the RKW Group became the world's first film manufacturer to develop an effective alternative to the paper bag. Thanks to an intelligent venting system, this FFS solution opens up a completely new dimension in the packaging of powdery goods:

• Moisture protection 40 times greater than paper sacks
• Safe outdoor storage in all seasons
• Up to 11 per cent fewer packaging damages during transport and handling
• Significantly extended minimum storage life for bulk goods
• High filling performance of up to 2000 bags/h
• Up to 39 per cent more eco-friendly than conventional paper bags
• All-round high-quality prints ensure a consistent brand identity.

Arodo GmbH
Hall 1, Stand 328

Web: www.arodo.de

Flexicon (Europe) Ltd
Hall 1, Stand 249
Web: www.flexicon.co.uk