Powtech 2019: Dust control, filters & measurement

Published 07 March 2019


BWF Envirotec and Orwat Filtertechnik
Hall 4, Stand 561
Web: www.bwf-envirotec.com
Product: PM-Tec Filter media

PM-Tec filter media is BWF Envirotec's solution to fulfill the increasingly strict fine dust requirements. They guarantee a minimal dust emission level, therefore near "zero emissions" are possible, says BWF Envirotec.

Due to the laminated ePTFE membrane on the raw gas side, PM-Tec® filter media separates fine dust in the submicron range on the surface.

Clean Air Europe Srl
Hall 4, Stand 497
Web: www.cleanworld.it
Product: CleanAir®

CleanAir filter sleeve supports are produced on the basis of specific requirements from the client – their sections are variable in size and shape. The length of CleanAir cages goes up to 7m in a single piece or longer in 2 or 3 sections, and diameters range from 100mm to 185mm.

In addition, The Eco HPC process is a surface treatment capable of giving the supports for filter bag a greater resistance to corrosion than ever before.

Endress & Hauser Messtechnick GmbH +Co KG
Hall 4, Stand 214
Name of contact on stand: Stefan Zübisch
Web: www.de.endress.com
Product: Micropilot FM67

Microplot FMR67

Microplot FMR67

Endress + Hauser is exhibiting the Micropilot FM67 radar measurement system, which is the first 80Ghz radar developed to the international functional safety directive IEC 61508.  It offers maximum reliability due to the drip-off antenna, improved focusing and very small emitting angles which is perfect for the measuring in slim silos. FMR67 is used for continuous, non-contact level measurement in powdery to granular bulk solids. FMR67 also possesses the smart sensor functionality Heartbeat Technology.

Special features include:
• HistoROM data management for fast and easy commissioning, maintenance and diagnostics
• Heartbeat technology for safe plant operation
• Multi-Echo tracking evaluation
• Operational temperature: -40°C to +200°C
• Maximum measuring range: 125m
• IEC 61508 and SIL3 hardware and software development.

The product is a suitable aid for reliable, non-contact level measurement for high silos, bunkers or stockpiles, especially with many obstacles, and long measuring ranges where build-ups of material occur.

Nordic Air Filtration A/S
Hall 4, Stand 436
Web: www.nordic-air-filtration.com/en
Product: Multifit pleated bag

Nordic Air Filtration specialises in dust and fumes from cement. It supplies industrial filter cartridges for all dust collector types ranging from silo-top collectors, horizontally mounted cartridge collectors, pleated bag collectors, vertically mounted cartridge collectors, flat cell filter collector.

Nordic Air Filtration's Multifit Pleated Bag cartridge is a highly efficient alternative to conventional filter bags and top loader cartridges. It is installed with an adaptor ring enabling easy installation in any hole plate ranging from 152-167mm diameter.

Multifit's flexible construction enables OEMs to minimise their stock as Nordic Air Filtration's Multifit is suitable for a wide range of hole plates.

Multifit is a clean side removal cartridge. It can be equipped with any one of Nordic Air Filtration's 25 different high-quality filter media making it suitable for various industries and dust types, including abrasive, toxic and explosive dust.

Scheuch GmbH
Hall 4, Stand 177
Web: www.scheuch.com
Products: DeConx, Xmercury

Scheuch is active in the cement industry, lime and gypsum industry and building materials industry.

Sintrol Oy
Hall 4, Stand 157
Web: www.sintrol.com
Product: Snifter A2

Sintrol provides high quality solutions and dust measuring devices to dozens of industries, including the cement industry.

Snifter A2 is an advanced filter leak detector. This dust monitor can be used to monitor the operation of a baghouse and alarm the operator when dust levels increase. Snifter A2 supports Sintrol Network connectivity over USB and RS485 interfaces by default. All parameters and settings are user selectable to best suit custom application needs. This device is fully compatible with Sintrol DustTool software.

Auto setup function makes commissioning easy and quick and two independent alarm signals enable easy connectivity.

Vega Grieshaber KG
Hall 4, Stand 514
Web: www.vega.com
Product: VegaPlus 69

With its frequency of 80GHz, the VEGAPULS 69 allows a considerably better focusing of the transmitted signal. In containers and silos with many internal obstructions, this enhanced focussing helps reduce the influence of background 'noise'. A reliable measurement is therefore also possible, even with complex internal structures. The sensor is able to detect the smallest of reflected signals. That's why even products, which until recently were very difficult to measure because of their poor reflective properties, such as plastic powders or wood chips, can now be measured with very high reliability. Despite the measuring range of up to 120m and an accuracy of ±5 mm, the sensor is also an ideal solution for small hoppers or containers.

ENVEA-SWR engineering Messtechnik GmbH
Hall 4, Stand 119
Web: www.swr-engineering.com

Krohne Masstechnik GmbH
Hall 5, Stand 153
Web: www.krohne.com

Lechler GmbH
Hall 1, Stand 445
Web: www.lechler.eu

MoistTech Corp
Hall 2, Stand 303
Web: www.moisttech.com

Spraying Systems Deutschland GmbH
Hall 5, Stand 256
Web: www.spray.de