Powtech 2019: Grinding technology

Published 07 March 2019


Christian Pfeiffer Machinenfabrik GmbH

Hall 5, Stand 432
Web: www.christianpfeiffer.com
Product: Mill internals

Christian Pfeiffer offers entire planning and supply of complete grinding plants, and offers the option of providing support during realisation of the project. The company's engineers focus on the local requirements and production conditions. The finished plant is then ready for immediate and controlled start-up.

Koppern Maschinenfabrik GmbH & Co KG
Hall 1, Stand 407
Web: www.koeppern-international.com
Product: High-pressure grinding rollers

During high-pressure grinding in roller presses coarse materials, such as cement clinker, ore or limestone, are briefly subjected to very high compressive forces. The sheets thus produced can be ground and thus reduced to the desired final particle size with minimum energy requirements.

High-pressure grinding rollers (HPGR) are employed in various combinations with other equipment for preliminary and finish grinding. Energy savings is the most important factor for using this technology.

Depending on the grinding system used, capacity improvements of up to 250 per cent and/or a reduction of the specific energy consumption of up to 40 per cent can be achieved. To suit the respective application, three different types of rollers are available:

• Solid rollers
• Rollers with tyres
• Rollers with segments

BHS-Sonthofen GmbH
Hall 4A, Stand 304

Web: www.bhs-sonthofen.com

Hall 4A, Stand 226
Web: www.cemtec.at

Hall 4A, Stand 525
Web: www.cmpag.com