PCA: road to carbon neutrality

Published 13 December 2021

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As the need for carbon neutrality in cement production has moved firmly to the headlines, the US cement association, PCA, has developed its roadmap to transform the country’s cement industry into a carbon-neutral sector. By PCA, USA.

Figure 1: the five links of the value chain

As wildfires, hurricanes and other weather events continue to intensify around the world, it is clear that the structures, roads and buildings that make up our communities will face more frequent and destructive natural disasters. The recent effects of global warming have emphasised the urgent need for resilient infrastructure that meets the demands of the future – sustainability, circularity and climate adaptation.

Concrete, the most widely-used material in the world, is uniquely positioned to meet these infrastructure demands and sustainability requirements. Concrete made with cement has long proven its value as a durable, cost-effective, available material that is resistant against extreme temperatures and natural disasters, requiring minimal repairs over its lifetime. Additionally, concrete improves the thermal mass of structures and buildings, and allows for smoother, more rigid pavements that lower vehicle-use emissions. While cement manufacturing is undeniably energy intensive, there are many technologies, innovations and solutions to consider that can significantly curb emissions across the value chain as the world adapts to the rapid expansion of cities and impending effects of climate change.

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