Taking a different route

Published 14 November 2022

A modal shift in the transport of raw materials and finished product alike can bring significant benefits in terms of reducing greenhouse gas emissions for cement producers. CEMEX explains how and why it is in part leaving the roads in favour of rail and water. By Matt Wild, CEMEX EMEA, UK.

Through a modal shift from trucks to rail CEMEX is able to take many trucks

off the road and significantly reduce its CO2 emissions

When cement manufacturers and other companies in the construction industry work to decrease their emissions and reduce their impact on the environment, it is important that they focus on every aspect of their operation. It is not just about the emissions that are created during manufacturing, or the restoration of land used for quarrying, but about every touchpoint of the process, from cradle to grave. For all those operating in the sector, the transport of raw materials and finished product is likely to represent a significant proportion of their total emissions. However, advances in technology and transport modes mean that there are plenty of opportunities to make considerable enhancements to the environmental impact of the supply chain.

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