Rock solid support

Published 24 October 2011

Tagged Under: Materials Handling Quarry 

Dr Clark ponders the reasons for renewed interest in the quarry chemistry control and decision support system first presented in the February 2002 edition of International Cement Review.

Cement producers need to limit variation of raw materials by introducing controls

During the last year Whitehopleman has experienced revived interest in the quarry chemistry control system which we first wrote about in the February 2002 edition of ICR. Why this rekindling of interest in such a system? Probably because the problem of taking the correct proportions of raw materials into the cement manufacturing process is not one that goes away. Raw material deposits remain just as variable as they always were. Minimisation of variation through the cement manufacturing process remains the best way to maximise the productivity, efficiency and product quality. Reducing the variation of the inputs to the manufacturing process is the first step in that minimisation of variation.

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