International Cement Review articles tagged under : Tech Forum

24 October 2016 Dr Michael Clark

Biomass matters

Dr Michael Clark reveals why assessing the 'carbon neutral' basis if biomass is important and how carbon-14 analysis works.

27 September 2016 Dr Michael Clark

How do blending beds stack up?

Dr Michael Clark reviews the effectiveness of stacker/reclaimer systems in providing more uniform and blended raw materials.

26 August 2016 Dr Michael Clark

It's all about the costs

Dr Michael Clark reminds everyone that cement plants are there to make profits and explains the role of benchmarking to minimise costs.

11 April 2016 Dr Michael Clark

A self-cleaning process

In this Technical Forum Dr Michael Clark assesses what progress is being made to have a continuous self-cleaning cement kiln process.

Red rivers of segregation 13 April 2016 Dr Michael Clark

Red rivers of segregation

Dr Michael Clark ponders segregation and the unwated formation of red rivers in the clinker cooler.

20 January 2016 Dr Michael Clark

Workshops, NESHAP and optimisation

Dr Michael Clark summarises discussions at Cemtech Americas’ Technical Workshop and looks ahead to Dubai.

Co-processing – here to stay 16 December 2015 Dr Michael Clark

Co-processing – here to stay

Dr Michael Clark discusses co-processing in the cement industry and why it is considered best practice.

18 November 2015 Dr Michael Clark

Looking forward to Orlando

Following the Cemtech Europe 2015 Technical Workshop, Dr Clark looks forward to the next workshop of its kind to be delivered in Orlando, USA, in December. With a two-day edition lined up, this month’s Technical Foru...

19 October 2015 Dr Michael Clark

Beyond Bernoulli

Dr Michael Clark outlines the governing factors of gas flow through the cement manufacturing process.

01 July 2015 Dr Michael Clark

What cement users want

Dr Michael Clark examines product development and where there might be gaps in the market.

11 June 2015 Dr Michael Clark

Deep-dive benchmarking

Dr Michael Clark advises on how producers can gather the information needed to beat local competition

20 April 2015 Dr Michael Clark

Production accounting

Dr Michael Clark looks at the intricacies of cement production accounting and estimating input inventories.

17 November 2014 Dr Michael Clark

A chimney of corruption

Dr Clark investigates the probable cause of unsound concrete that is traced back to a cement producers.

20 October 2014 Dr Michael Clark

Ethiopia’s fuel diversification

Dr Michael Clark reports on a one-day fuel diversification course in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia.

01 September 2014 Dr Michael Clark

Alternative fuel projects

Dr Clark is inspired by Resource Co (Australia) to consider alternative fuel project assessment and methodology.

05 August 2014 Dr Michael Clark

Cemtech and CO2

Dr Clark looks at the progress made by the cement industry towards CO2 reduction and sustainability.