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Re: Request for feedback for a Two Chamber Cement Mill Ball Charge and Longitudinal Sieve Analysis

Dear Fjalali:can you send us your email in order we can get the excel sheets to do a better analysis. Then we can an...

Re: Sample bulk density

Dear Shstrib: In my experience, bulk density is a good test when you have your shipment by bags. In some opportunit...

Re: Speed of air inside on a cement mill

I will answer you only first question: a typical average of air speed in a tube mill is between 1.0 and 1.5 m/s. If ...

Mill Critical Speed

I want to know if a mill critical speed of 73% for a cement mil will affect its productivity. How would be the incre...

Prepol AT

Our kiln has a prepol AT (Air Through) calciner and we can not increase the fuel remplacement in the precalcination ...