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TimePosted 17/06/2010 20:53:15
Lafecapo says

Prepol AT

Our kiln has a prepol AT (Air Through) calciner and we can not increase the fuel remplacement in the precalcination zone above 22%. I have the following doubts:


1- Which is the maximun fuel reamplacement in the precalcination zone with this type of calciners?

2- We have put 2 burners in the precalcination, does exit an optimal point for the burners (Downfi?red or horizontal (or slightly inclined) burner(s) / ?Tangential or radial inlet(s)). If any of you have experienced with this point I can send you our information (diagrams, plans, etc)


Thanks in advance for your answers!!! 


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TimePosted 18/06/2010 08:22:48

Re: Prepol AT

To your first doubt Mr Lafecapo

Dr.G Unland and others of Krupp Polysius  in their article entitle "selection criteria for calciners" Ref : Dec' 1990 WC PP 520 -526 recommends a value of 20 - 30 of fuel replacement in AT (Air Through) system

and for the second 

I recommend you to try out a Computational Fluid Dynamic (CFD) Study to arrive at best angle of the burner( This is likely to improve situation)

although i guess polysius while supplying the system would have done their home work, well this is serious (22% replacement) you should check with original designed condition and Guarantee!!

if it is desinged for say 20-25% your efforts to put more fuel are in vain!! unless a major modification of the system is taken up

I Hope this works...

Raza Hussaini