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re snow man

Hello ted , hellô BK 1- the interieur of th snow man is compact and very hard. Duste are only superficiel. 2- chemica...

re snow man

One picture  of the snowman.

re snow man

Thanks Ted. We did it. Now the blaster for the rhino shoot every hour, before  the fréquence was every 4 hou...

re kiln bag house dust quality check?

Dust must go to kiln feed and not to the silo.  It you have no choice send the dust before the autosample and t...

snow man

We are facing of snow man. Every week a snow man appear on the Cooper. 1-we changed the chemistry : decreasing ...

re How to control oversize ball formation and result high Fcao in kiln

Encrease your SM, the liquide phase is very hight

re Probleme with buner

We already use this type of protection and it was not working. The flamme have not a plume. I thing it is the m...

Probleme with buner

We have a polysius line runing 3 years ago. The big probleme is the concrete on head of the burner is damage af...

re boulder in kiln

Thank ted Tour answer is vert clear Précision AR in boulder = 1.66

re boulder in kiln

  yes, the center is broken and analysed.  lsf : 97,36 , AR : 1.66  , AS : 2.72 , freecao = 1.09 % K2O = 0.8...