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boulder in kiln

we are facing a probleme of boulder in our kiln. 3 boulders during 10 days we use coal 100%. the cemistry  s...


re calculation of flame momentum of a multi channel burner

Thank you very much for your attached sheet. I need precisions about this file : - can I use the same formul of flow ...

re How to increase clinker litre weight

Look your burner : alinement and the setting . The flame shape can influence quality of your clinker

re Polflame burner

re Polflame burner

could you please elborate further. like is it polflame VN or only polflame. what is the fuel you are using and in ...

Rhino on burner

What is the effect of rhino formation on buner. How it is possible to ovoid it

Polflame burner

What do you thing about polflame burner . We have polflame for a new kiln ( 3600T/D) but it can not survive mor...

re No Dip Tube

Not available

No Dip Tube

The bottom stage of our kiln has no dip tube. What are the expected effect on this kiln