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Re: white cement

Dear Ted Thanks Hamza

Re: cement shelf life

Dear Ted Thanks for the reference . Regards Hamza

Re: white cement

Dear Ted Thanks for your explanation but as Michel wrote if you have a constraint on degree of whitness then a limi...

cement shelf life

Dear Sirs Assuming ideal conditions of storage is there a definite shelf life for bagged or bulk constructional cem...

Re: white cement

Dear Michel some national standards I know of are : Hungary 0.6% , India 1.0% , Rep. of Korea 0.5% , Syria 1.0% , ...

Re: white cement

Dear lalbatros I noticed that some national standards specify a limit for ferric oxide ranginging between 0.5 and 1...

white cement

Dear Sirs I would like to know from standards point of view if degree of whiteness of cement is specified , is it n...