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cement color

hello for all I hope who have addresses of companies producting cement dye give it a black color can be used in...

black color of cement

Hello I hope those who have addresses of companies producing cement dye give ablack dark color can be used in t...

re cement and limestone

thank you yery much for your scientific answer sir

cement and limestone

dear all I am noticed that whene added limestone(4%) and gypsum(4%) to the klinker the producte cement has ahig...

Re: Material and Heat Balance for Clinkering

Dear Sir, Please send me also. My mail id: hendy_heet@yahoo.com

Add materials with clinker

Dear Gentlemen, I hope you can clarify the use of materials with gypsum added to the clinker...


Hello to you dear When calculating the proportion (C3S ) Do not put up the free lime of ...

clay aggregate

Dear Please clarify the influence of clay in aggregates for concrete and what is the ratio permitted to avoid the neg...

Re: free lime

Thank you, my dear and I hope to illustrate the effect of free lime on the setting time.

free lime

I want to know the impact of high free lime for cement and concrete thank you