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TimePosted 17/11/2021 22:06:51
electron says

Low LSF of the Kiln return dust

Hi All,

We are facing an odd fenomena in our kiln

There is a drop in the LSF of the kiln return dust , usually the LSF is exceeding 110 tbut currently LSF is 90 to 95 

Any logic explanation behind this fenomena 



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TimePosted 09/12/2021 16:25:42
gks says

re Low LSF of the Kiln return dust

Low LSF in Kiln return dust due to following  reason.

1.high reduced of  Raw meal .

Check 45 micron residue  KF , RAW Mill prod residue & return dust. 

2. top cyclone dip tube worn out  ( low collection efficiency  of cyclone )





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TimePosted 13/12/2021 08:00:57

re Low LSF of the Kiln return dust

what are the permissible limits for resdue 45 maicron


Michael Clark
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TimePosted 24/04/2022 11:51:19

re Low LSF of the Kiln return dust

Normally the dust return to the kiln is high LSF because the calcium carbonate is easier to grind than silica. So the finest particles in the kiln feed tend to be high LSF and these are the particles that are lost from the preheater as dust. In your case the finest particles must be low LSF. Maybe you have changed the clay comonent of the kiln feed?