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re Significant Amount of SO3 in a Raw Mix

The full version of the book "Cement Industry" has been published:

Significant Amount of SO3 in a Raw Mix

Intech Open in book Cement Industry publish our chapter under the title: "Peculiarities of Portland cement Clinker...

Updated article Study of the reasons for blocking C3S formation in the presence of SO3

Earlier in this forum free I posted an article " Features of Synthesis C 3 S in Highe Sulfur Clinker (Part 1). I h...

re SOx levels In Raw mill

  This problem was solved many years ago   in other industries, for example, in the melting of copper. Sulfur i...

re Re: Water Demand of Cement

Correct observation. Hemihydrate gypsum and anhydrite soluble in dry conditions may occur only at temperatures abo...

re The particle size of limestone

Ted Thank you so much. I know that you'll help.

The particle size of limestone

Interested in the influence of particle size of limestone on the rate of decarbonization.

re Clinker Strength

Fluorite is very effective flux, reducing the temperature of the formation of the  liquid phase, so you have a lar...


Phosphogypsum contains phosphate ion, which slows down the cement hydration. With the mineral gypsum cement harden...

re Specific Heat

Ha-ha-ha !  Excuse me please. I don't really understand the question. I thought that you want to calculate the ...