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re Effect of Immersion / dip tube in lower stage of PH cyclone

 Can any one tell what is the effect "If we removed the immersion tubes in last stage PH cyclone?" Way Back i...

Re: what is the relation between cyclone dia & its feed pipe dia?

DOGRA: I want to know that is there any relation between cyclone diameter and its feed pipe diameter? between ...

Re: Flow measurement in a duct

Hare rama: Sir, I'm unable to calculate the exact flow in a duct. I'm getting more flow than designed when I...

Re: Cement mill operation: What is highest continous running hrs of a ball mill for cement grinding.

Geel: What is highest continous running hours of a ball mim There is no particular data available in detai...

Re: after a 90 days stopage, production rate not getting for a along time

kkm: dear all' we are having 1400 tpd kiln. After a 90 days stopage , our production rate does not getting f...

Re: what is minimum kiln feed

Mr.SHAH: Hello every one what could be the minimum kiln feed with the safe refractory life.   With resp...