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re Calcined clay

The August 2021 Issue of International Cement Review has a good article on this very topic. If you subscribe, you ...

re Cement data

You can try the data from The Global Cement Report 12th Edition here:

re Cement plant handbook 6th edition

There is no soft copy available, but you can get a free hard copy of the Cement Plant Operations Handbook 6th Edit...

re bricks calculation

Dear BK, Please attached this file in a forum post here, so everyone can benefit from this information. ...

re No Dip Tube

Link has been fixed, please try again.


You can send it to  

Re: Material in Dome Calculation

Lalbatros and fellow contributors to the Technical Forum, After reading your posts, I have found a way for you to up...

Re: Mr Ted,

You need to login first, then try the link.

Re: Breaking News: Explosion in Cement Plant

Nael, To post pictures on the forum you need to upload them to the internet first, usually on a free bit of public w...

Re: Hurrivanes

AN - Kuwait, You can also download it from the article research page which has every article written in Internati...