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Re: Crude oil -Arabian light-Barrel to Liter


Re: Normal Cubic Meter

Normal Cubic Meters are in fact closer of being a measure of mass than a measure of volume as they are strictly equi...

Re: Kiln Speed

From ICR's Plant Operations Handbook: Retention time: t=11.2 L / (r D s) Where L= kiln length (meters), r=kiln sp...

Re: Fan performance curve

The simplified relationships to extrapolate a centrifugal fan (or pump) curve are as follow: Flow2=Flow1 * (Speed2/...

Re: Improve end cone phenomenon of the stockpile

Some plants remove the end cone using a wheel loader. They usually put back this material on the side of the blendin...

Re: Hydration and Curing

I would concur with Dr. Clark. Studies have shown that on samples conserved in good conditions (both laboratory and ...

Re: id fan (preheater fan) inlet damper

Many plant operate with a variable speed ID fan without any damper in front. Some precautions should always be taken...

Re: Acid Insoluble Residue

Such a procedure is available in European Norm EN 196-2. Best regards,  

Re: Acid Insoluble Residue

In the rawmix, the acid insoluble residue can give an approximation of the crystalline silica content. Cyrstalline s...

Re: Bulk density

Dear Dastgir, In your example, to get the VOID FRACTION, you have to divide the the volume of voids by the volume o...