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Re: Fuel price on cement cost

As expected, Googling does not yield many data on fuel cost in cement. However, this document contains some global d...

Re: Fuel price on cement cost

Theoretically, it is only sure that it is in the range [-Infinity,100%]. And even that is not sure, actually. Negati...

Re: Splash Box!!

see maybe more there:

Re: P2O5

You could increase the fineness of your cement. Alternatively, you could increase the c3s of your clinker, which amou...

Re: Waste Heat Recovery system

See also there:

Re: Higher alkalies

You need to provide more information to get a precise answer. With these additional information you could perfom a f...

Re: Flyash

The coloring oxides are responsible for the color. These are all oxides from the transition elements in the Mendele...

Re: Municipal waste processing

Heat consumption for evaporation of water is roughly 2.4 GJ/t(water). Most often the actual heat consumption goes to...

Re: Optimum Values

Saprina, It is no surprise that you find scattered values for the index. Just consider the LSF. Clearly the optimu...

Re: central air pressure

Back to the basics: the Bernoulli' principle is known since nearly 3 centuries. Read on wiki about it: http://en.wi...