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Re: Material in Dome Calculation

fac09: All,  Has anybody developed an accurate calculation of material present inside Dome based on bridge/...

Re: Coating Index, Burnability Index, & Burnability Factor

The first thing tells you the tendency to produce a coating. The others tell you about the free lime you might expec...

Re: Gypsum Production

Dastgir,  Based on this information:

Re: fineness & production

Dear xxxx, In principle, one should say that there is no general mathematical rule relating fineness and tph, for c...


Gulam, Such a statement can't make any sense. Obviously this would mean that very small quantities with the right v...

Re: Mathameticle model

Hello jatinder, About ten years ago, I have developped a "process modelling framework" during my hobby time. It was...

Re: Cement ball mills without water injection

mb14, Vikpro, You need to perform a full heat and mass balance calculation to decide about that. It is obvious that...

Re: catalysis or sintering

Dastgir: What would have been the temp. of this reaction if not substantiated by melt formation. Mr Dastg...

Re: Hydration and Curing

The w/c ratio is a mechanical property that depends mainly on the fineness and granulometric distribution. It is not ...

Re: liquid viscosity and surface tension

You might find some track on this page: Portland cement, GC Bye, pg 46