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TimePosted 20/01/2010 15:52:09
Abdulla says

Coating Index, Burnability Index, & Burnability Factor

Hey friends,

please help me in understanding the usage of these three factors ( Coating Index (AW), Burnability Index (B.I), Burnability Factor (B.F)) in pyroprocess? how can they hep me as kiln burner to understand burning process?

thank you




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TimePosted 20/01/2010 20:59:06
lalbatros says

Re: Coating Index, Burnability Index, & Burnability Factor

The first thing tells you the tendency to produce a coating.
The others tell you about the free lime you might expect.

The formation of clinker is reasonably well understood.
Altough the correlations used to represent the burnability are a little bit odd,
they nevertheless catch the mean features:

- the chemistry is responsible for part of the free lime
  of course too much lime will give free lime,
  also, with a finite burning time (say 30 min) all the lime will not be able to react:
  finite burning time prevents full reaction

- the granulometry is responsible for another part of the free
  of course coarse particle will prevent full reaction

The empirical formulas for burnability just represents these empirical knowledge.