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Re: seperation efficiency of cyclones

Just go to this web page: From this pag...


Hello xxxx, Have you checked how much dust there is in the tertiary air, K4 mill air and extra duct air? As a firs...

Re: SO3 in Hotmeal

Reducing conditions, i.e. low oxygen, facilitates the decomposition of CaSO4. Lower sulfatization in raw meal than i...

Re: SO3 in Hotmeal

You should check the sulfatisation ratio SO3/alk in your inputs (raw meal+fuels) and compare it to the hot meal sulfa...

Re: fan aerolic power calculation

The power absorbed from an ideal fan is simply: P[W] = dp[Pa] * q[m³/s] where P is the power, dp is the pressure i...

Re: Prevention of radiation losses

Keep in mind the mechanical properties of steel.   

Re: white cement

Dear Hamza, I don't see a question anymore, since you noticed the answer! It might well be that some national stand...

Re: white cement

Iron(III) oxide or ferric oxide  is not white:           See also:

Re: High fuel consumption

If you measure the heat value of the purchased coal (on dry basis), if you measure the consumption of the kiln from ...

Re: Cement Mill outlet blaine

If {f,c,r} denote the feed to the separator, cement and reject flow rate, and if {F,C,R} denote the feed, cement and...