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TimePosted 26/01/2011 19:13:22
shastrib says

Cement Mill outlet blaine

In my cement plant, the mill feed is the tailings from the separator. The average surface area of the mill feed is 85 m2/kg. If the target surface area of the cement I produce is 360 m2/kg, what should be my mill outlet surface area?


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TimePosted 26/01/2011 19:42:49
lalbatros says

Re: Cement Mill outlet blaine

If {f,c,r} denote the feed to the separator, cement and reject flow rate, and
if {F,C,R} denote the feed, cement and reject specific surface,

then the surface balance reads:

f F = c C + r R

and the mass balance reads

f = c + r

You can use these two balance equations to solve your problem, if you have the necessary data. In the result, you might also use the definition of the circulating load:

Circ = f/cThe result is:

F = c * 1/Circ + r * (1-1/Circ)

and with your numbers:

F = 360 * 1/Circ + 85 * (1-1/Circ)

The actual circulating load should be either measured, or guessed, or derived from a model or from empirical knowledge.